Efterlysning: Guldkorn i Stockholm och Malmö

Det kom ett mail från Fleur som ska resa till Sverige ända från Australien i sommar. Visst hjälps vi åt att ge henne tips om guldkorn i både Stockholm och Malmö?! Fyll på i kommentarsfältet, förslagsvis på engelska så slipper Google Translate gå varm. 🙂

Hello! My name’s Fleur. My boyfriend Cam and I are travelling from Australia to Sweden for the first time from June 28th – July 5th. We both LOVE cooking and experiencing as much local food/experiences as possible when travelling. I was doing some research for the trip and came across your blog!

If you have the time, I would love any local insider tips you have for
Stockholm or Malmo (or places close by we could day trip to). We also love anything active/outdoors and design.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Hanna

    Haven’t been to Stockholm for ages but visit Malmö from time to time. My favourite restaurant is Atmosfär offering small plates of typical Swedish food. Also Salt & Brygga in the West Harbour has lovely food and offers a summery feel. A drive along the south coast past Skanör/Falsterbo and maybe all the way to Ystad makes a great day trip and the beaches are all fab.

    And if you love design the Form/Design Center in Malmö is a must combining a great shop with exhibitions.



  2. Elin

    At least one icecreamstop at Stikki Nikki that you find on 4 locations in central Sthlm.

  3. Elin

    And for some local food, I suggest the little caravan that sells herring down at Slussen (same name on the subway station), good value!

    Here’s a pic on the caravan!

  4. Fleur

    Thank you to everyone who has suggested so far! There’s nothing like local recommendations 🙂

    @Hanna will definitely check out the restaurants and design center! I had thought that Ystad was too far away but if it’s only a day trip then I will definitely look into hiring a car. Great tip, thanks!

    @Elin, my boyfriend is obsessed with ice cream so I expect we will be visiting Stikkinikki everyday! And I’ve heard so much about Swedish herring – We don’t eat herring here in Oz, so I can’t wait to try it. Thank you!

  5. Charlotte

    If you rent a car and go to Ystad I recommend a visit to Olof Viktors.

  6. Maria

    Don´t miss the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Architect & Design Museum in Stockholm or the restaurant Råkultur.
    Also try the Swedish Afternoon tea in the famous design store Svenskt Tenn.

  7. Isabell

    When you are in Malmö I would recommend renting a car and taking a trip to Österlen. You could start with Ystad and Olof Viktors(as I saw in the comment above) and then go to Simrishamnfor a strawl, up to Orelunds trädgård, near Vik, where you can buy fantastic tomatoes, strawberries, jams, bread and more. Continue to Mandelmanns trädgård near Rörum for coffee, pastries and loooking at the garden and the animals. Finish off with dinner at restaurand Friden, the best pizzas in Skåne, and also a beautiful garden and atmosphere. This is a whole day trip that I love and try to do every year!

  8. Isabell

    Oh, and here´s a great Stockholm guide in english I found just now on a great blog:

  9. Elin

    Fleur, i just read this and thaught it might be a stop for you, those sweets are absolutely lovely; http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2013/06/parlans-konfektyr-caramel/#more-13080

  10. Eva

    A few restaurant suggestions in Malmö:
    http://restaurangrebell.se/ No website in Swedish but really nice foid
    http://www.lillakafferosteriet.se/en/ When in need of a really good cup of java
    Food shops:
    http://www.osterlensmatmarknad.se/ Not in Malmö, but if you take a daytrip to Österlen
    And, finally:


  11. Linnea

    When in Malmö you have to pay a visit to Te & kaka (tea and cookie), world class afternoon tea!

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