Öltips till oktoberfesten

Dagens gästbloggare är Elins sambo som har provat några öl på temat Oktoberfest. Eftersom han i själ och hjärta är engelsman så blir dagens inlägg på engelska! Tack Carlsberg för varuprover!

I had the pleasure of being asked to sample a few Oktoberfest beers. I didnt know much about Oktoberfest previously, except that beer comes in 1 litre jugs. I have had the pleasure of drinking beer in litre form before and understand the characturistics of the beer that is required to make drinking such large quantities a success.

The first beer i sampled was an american offering of a traditional type Oktoberfest beer called Brooklyn Oktoberfest. The beer was of the Marzen type which was the typical Oktoberfest beer drink up until the 1970’s. It was a dark beer very similar to Newcastle Brown ale with a good flavour. I enjoyed the beer but felt that one would be enough. The prospect of devouring several litres in true Oktoberfest style would of been a challenge. I didnt quite understand the bottle size which was a mere 330ml. I guess the Americans have their interpretation of Oktoberfest.

The next offering was a fantastic tasting Löwenbrau Oktoberfest beer weighing in at a dazzling 6.1% Alcohol and in a more sensible 500ml bottle. I am not a fan of Löwenbrau normally but their Oktoberfest beer had a wonderful full flavour. The texture was velvety smooth and overall the Löwenbrau Oktoberfest Lager was extremely drinkable. I am a fan of light lagers and this one certainly delivered. I could almost hear the German band and smell the bratwurst.

The last in the taste test was Spaten Oktoberfest beer. I left this till last as I am a huge fan of Spaten as an everyday lager. After a few mouthfulls their Oktoberfest special did not disappoint. Weighing in at 5.9% it is slightly stronger than the standard Spaten. The taste was full bodied and very smooth. I must say that Spatens Oktoberfest special did not disappoint my high expectations from one of the six founding brewers of Oktoberfest. If I had a long day of Drinking and Sausage eating ahead of me I would definitly choose Spaten as my companion.

Overall I enjoyed my Oktoberfest evening and am dissapointed I only had three to taste but if you ask Elin she would probably say it was more than enough and I didnt need any more encouragement to drink lager. I enjoyed the Brooklyn beer but I think Löwenbrau and Spaten captured the modern essence of Oktoberfest with their wonderful tasting light lagers.

Auf Wiedersehen!